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House Dems to consider potential changes to border bill after ‘very tense’ meeting

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is working furiously to push through a multibillion-dollar border funding package amid Democratic infighting over whether the leadership is employing the right strategy to confront a major humanitarian crisis at the border. Pelosi told fellow Democratic lawmakers that she’ll review specific proposals to change a supplemental border funding bill after a…MORE

Trump won’t reveal his confidence level in FBI Director Chris Wray

President Donald Trump wouldn’t reveal his level of confidence in FBI Director Christopher Wray, who has found himself on the opposite side of the White House when it comes to the investigation into Trump’s 2016 campaign and whether campaigns should accept dirt on their opponents from foreign governments. “Well, we’ll see how it turns out,”…MORE

The facts behind Trump’s push for the Fed to cut rates

President Donald Trump renewed his criticism of the Federal Reserve on Monday, tweeting that its decision not to cut interest rates is undermining the US economy and that the central bank is acting like a “stubborn child” for refusing to pursue easy money policies. Trump has repeatedly claimed that the US economy would take off…MORE

Democrats may filibuster defense bill to force vote on Iran

Senate Democrats are weighing whether to filibuster the annual defense policy bill that is on the floor this week to try to force a vote on an amendment that would require President Donald Trump to get congressional approval before launching war with Iran. Democratic aides and senators say a determination hasn’t been made whether to…MORE

US moves 249 migrant children from Texas facility after reports of poor conditions

Nearly 250 migrant children who were held at a Customs and Border Protection facility in Clint, Texas, will be shifted into the Department of Health and Human Services’ shelter system by Tuesday following reports of poor conditions at the facility. “Last week ORR identified shelter space in its network for 249 (unaccompanied children) who were…MORE

White House says Kellyanne Conway won’t show up to Hatch Act hearing

White House lawyers told the House Oversight Committee on Monday that senior counselor Kellyanne Conway will not appear at a hearing on Wednesday after a federal agency said earlier this month that she was a repeat offender of the Hatch Act and she should be fired. Chairman Elijah Cummings, Democrat of Maryland, told CNN that…MORE

Trump believes he doesn’t need congressional approval to strike Iran

President Donald Trump doesn’t believe he needs congressional approval to make a military strike against Iran, but he likes “the idea of keeping Congress abreast.” “I do like keeping them — they have ideas, they’re intelligent people, they’ll have some thoughts. I actually learned a couple of things the other day when we had our…MORE

Susan Collins had a very bad day today

Ever since Susan Collins cast the deciding vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court last October, Democrats have pledged that they will beat the long-serving Maine Republican senator in 2020. On Monday, they took a major step in making good on that promise as Sara Gideon, the speaker of Maine’s state House, announced…MORE